Why it Pays to Have Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance


There are several levels of car insurance available in the UK today, and for a majority of motorists, fully comprehensive is the only way to go. If your car is high end, for example, you can’t afford to take any chances, and regardless of what goes wrong, the comprehensive policy will cover you and your vehicle. You might be the safest driver in the world, but accidents can, and do happen, and without adequate insurance, you could be facing a heavy repair bill. In order to avoid an expensive repair, here are just a few of the situations that a comprehensive vehicle policy would cover.

  • Road Traffic Accident – If you do not have comprehensive insurance and are involved in a road traffic accident, you might have to foot the bill for the repairs to your vehicle, should it be proven that you were at fault. Third party insurance is just that, and will only pay for the repairs to other vehicles, leaving you to foot the bill for your car repairs. Comprehensive insurance is a no hassle cover, regardless of the circumstances of the accident, and most insurers will also provide a free loan car, while the vehicle is off the road. If you have a good driving history, there are big discounts for claim free drivers, making it even more attractive to go the whole nine yards with class 1 insurance.
  • Windscreen Repairs – If you had the foresight to take out comprehensive car insurance, this will cover the cost of a chipped, cracked, or even replacement windscreen, and should this ever occur, call your local windscreen repair company as soon as you can. Once they know the make and model of the vehicle, they will arrive with a replacement, just in case, and if possible, immediate repairs would be carried out. If you are looking for cheap van window replacement in Derbyshire, for example, an online search will give you an emergency number, and this should ensure that you are on your way within the hour.
  • Preferred Repair Facilities – A comprehensive insurance gives the policyholder the option to select where any repairs are carried out, and by choosing an approved dealership, you are ensuring the car will be repaired according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is one of many benefits to the all inclusive policy, and if you are in your forties or over and have not claimed, there are big discounts to be enjoyed.
  • Loan Vehicle – If you have Class 1 insurance, the chances are that in the event of a repair, the policy would cover the cost of a loan car, which means the repairs do not inconvenience you too much.

It isn’t just the extra cover you get with a comprehensive policy, the insurance companies tend to give premier service to a full policyholder, as they know the value of your business, and this might speed things up a little, in the event you had to make a claim.


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