Effective Ways to Keep Your Car on Top Condition


The same way human beings take care of themselves, by eating the right things and staying in shape, the same concepts apply in cars. There are a number of things we need to consider for a car to be in good condition. It is always an expensive affair to dig deep in your pocket to cater for car repairs. Every car owner dream is have a car with minimum maintenance costs, making sure the value of the car is kept, you can sell your car fast.  Here are some tips to ensure you keep your car in top condition and low cost.


We can regard it as the blood of your car, without it the car is going nowhere. Always check the engine oil properly and have it changed within the recommend miles. In most cases depending on the type suitable for your car ranges between 3000-3500 miles.  To maximize engine reliability and efficiency never go beyond the recommend miles. Check oil levels regularly and top up if it goes below the optimum level.

Maintain Brakes

Braking system is usually subjected too much pressure and friction, as a result in due time there is usually a lot of wear and tear. Some parts are designed to be replaced periodically so as to give maximum results. Any problem with the brake system should be checked immediately and the action taken. Believe me this will save your from a serious crash.

Heed warning signs

If your car dashboard light illuminate, that is definitely a warning sign something is not right and need to be checked. Before you hit the panic button on it is important as a car owner to familiarize yourself with your car. Get to study the manual and learn some basics about your car, this way you can be able to give your mechanic a detailed report.  Never delay to take the car for repair since it can trigger an irreparable damage or a more expensive fix that could have been saved. Always make sure you know the fair price of an upcoming repair before taking it to a shop.  This really saves you from being overcharged.

Keep the car clean.

As long as you would not want to appear in public unkempt, always keep in mind the car appearance is important too. Keep it washed, waxed and ensure that all dent and dings are rectified. This preserves the value of your car and in the long run preventing it from rusting and fading. Never forget about the interior, furthermore that is where you spend most time.  Maintain it clean and vacuumed at all times, ensure everything is working, the CD player, air condition, the windows etc. Keep in mind the value of the car is held in the cabin.  You can even get a person to hire your car.

Use the right tires with right inflate.

Every vehicle depending on its performance has a specified tire pressure. Always adhere to manufactures specification to attain maximum life of the tires and enjoy the anticipated ride.  When it comes to let them go do don’t hesitate just wave a goodbye and buy new ones.

Keep all fluids toped up

They eventually reduce in level as a result of natural factors like evaporation and basic use. They range from power steering fluids, coolant, windshield washer fluids, transmission fluids and coolant. Always check them once per week.



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